International Women's Day 2023
Equity & Empowerment: Keys for Success Among Myanmar Women



“In Myanmar, women, although may know their ways forward, are quite restricted by their societal or family norms,” Su Su Nge from the Fifth Pillar said. “Because of these, they see the road and the garden in front of them but dare not come down from the house to walk their way forward.” She also created a picture to depict her definition of women at the event.



Societal norms and family perspectives on the role of women still play a huge role in limiting the potential of Myanmar women. Women may know the means and ways to lead their career success but still are unable to hold these opportunities due to several years of repression. This has led to lower self-esteem and confidence. And this discussion truly reflects International Women's Day’s #embracequity campaign in 2023.

On March 8th, 2023, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (Myanmar Office) organized a half-day event to celebrate International Women's Day at Melia Hotel in Yangon. Many women entrepreneurs and local civil society organizations of the network of the FNF Myanmar Office attended and discussed pressing issues of today’s women in Myanmar society. They weighed hugely on societal norms and restrictions on women as well as much-needed mental support for women in Myanmar. They also discussed the limitations of skills, networking opportunities, equity, and shortage of guidance for women on the route to success.

Of course, women work harder to support their everyday activities. And discussions involve qualities of women in managing both home and career life.

“I would like to portray women as the rear wheels of a school bus. I draw the rear wheels bigger than the front wheels because women work harder to protect children. Women ensure that everyone on the bus is safe throughout the journey. So, I would like to represent women as school buses because of their protective nature,” said Shwe Yamin Oo from Recyglo.

“I can’t believe how my wife manages her brain. She can do both chores at once and finish them perfectly together at once. She amazes me because I would not be able to do it, “ said Thint Myat Nyein, spouse of Shwe Yee Phyo who is the female CEO of a startup business called Tint Tint Myanmar.

At the event, women attendees also shared their experiences and ideas about how the foundation could help to empower women in Myanmar. FNF Myanmar promises to keep empowering women from various sectors and to provide a platform for women to expand their network and opportunity horizons.

FNF Myanmar is also proud to support entrepreneurs and local groups and looks forward to working with them to create a brighter future for all women in Myanmar.

Please see our celebratory pictures of International Women's Day here:

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