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Empowering Stories of Resilience and Success

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Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Myanmar hosted a significant event titled "Women Founders Meetup," a platform celebrating the grit, determination, and success of women entrepreneurs. This event was a convergence of stories from women who have charted their own paths in the business world, overcoming challenges and breaking barriers along the way.

The meetup saw an impressive turnout, with 30 women founders applying to participate.

Among them, five remarkable women took the stage, each sharing their journey in a concise, impactful five-minute presentation. Their diverse backgrounds offered a rich tapestry of experiences, encompassing mindfulness, entrepreneurship, and media.


1. A Call to Action for Human-Centric Future – Embracing Humanity Judi Khine Pwint Khattar, opened the section, CEO of Honest Hour Well-being Services, presented a compelling vision of a human-centric future in business. She advocated for more empathy and understanding in entrepreneurial ventures, stressing that businesses should prioritize human values and well-being alongside profit.



2. Navigating Challenges The journey of an entrepreneur is rarely smooth, and Su Htwe Aung's insights into overcoming obstacles resonated deeply with the audience. She stressed the significance of resilience and adaptability, providing guidance on mastering the areas of art and mindfulness. Su Htwe Aung, who established The Passion Business and is a representative of Kalasa Art Space, focused her talk on the birth and growth of businesses fueled by a fervor for art and mindfulness, especially in challenging times.

4. How do I Become a CEO? Tin Tin Aung @Tina, CEO of MGOU Myanmar, shared her inspiring journey to the top. Her talk, aptly titled "How do I Become a CEO?" provided practical insights and advice for aspiring business leaders, especially women aiming for the C-suite. Her narrative was a blend of personal anecdotes and professional wisdom, mapping the route from ambition to achievement.

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5. Shattering Gender Bias in The Creative World The session concluded with a powerful message from Caroline @ May Zun Thaw Thaw, Strategic Director of Peach Marketing Consultancy. Her talk, "Shattering Gender Bias in the Creative World," addressed the challenges women face in creative industries dominated by men. She discussed strategies for breaking stereotypes and succeeding in a male-dominated field.

The "Women Founders Meetup" by FNF Myanmar was more than just an event; it was a celebration of women's strength, a showcase of their achievements, and a source of inspiration for many aspiring female entrepreneurs. Each speaker not only shared their success story but also paved the way for more women to follow in their footsteps, making their mark in the world of business.


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