Tarah Lynn's Internship with FNF MENA

Meet Tarah Lynn
  1. Where are you from and what is different in Amman from where you are from?

I am from Berlin, Germany. One of the main differences between Amman and Berlin is the latent but charming chaos in infrastructure and traffic and the lack of public transport system. Therefore, one develops a certain serenity regarding volume, crowdedness and overstimulation. In addition, people here are much friendlier, welcoming and more open than in Berlin, where things often get a bit distant and anonymous. Life in Amman is also usually more spontaneous: even larger celebrations or events can often be announced at very short notice and still take place with a lively turnout.

  1. What was the highlight of your internship work with FNF Amman/MENA?

One of my highlights was to be involved in the planning progress of FNF's "House of Thoughts" project, as I was able to get to know the different phases of project management and could contribute with my own ideas as well. Another highlight was to support the organization of a discussion between members of the Parliament and the Royal Committee on political reforms in Jordan. It was exciting to experience the differences with the German discussion culture and to get to know the background in the planning of a larger event. I furthermore enjoyed to get an insight in the recording of the Politics B20 episodes.

    3. What is your main Take-Away from this internship and how might this be helpful to you in your future endeavors?

Through the internship, I was able to gain insights into the various components of project management (from the design to the implementation phase). I learned about different methods like action and communication plans as well as ways to measure a project's success via KPIs while getting a sense of the breadth of programs the foundation implements in Jordan and the MENA region. Furthermore, I gained an understanding about the overlaps and cooperation between different sections of the foundation. I also learned how the team dynamics work and how to be an active and engaged team member.


Tarah Lynn