Take Me By The Hand


The situation of refugees in the region, particularly children, is becoming more dire every day. Mishwar NGO along with Friedrich Naummann Foundation wants to shed light on the difficulties, but also the glimmers of hope that escort these displaced children’s struggle through Take Me By The Hand project (TMBTH), a breath-taking display of artwork and incredible stories.

The initiative was initially a by-product of Mishwar and FNF Lebanon and Syria. It consisted of a series of workshops introducing art as a therapy but also as a tool and skill enabling the kids to share their stories of sorrow and their stories of hope and inspiration.

TMBTH itself is a creative platform launched by NGOs and artists that aims to give refugee children residing in Lebanese camps the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions through different forms of art.

We seek, through this inspiring platform, to interact with the people in Germany and around the MENA region with the intention of having them donate their time (#DonateYourTime) by visiting tmbth.org and help support this beautiful community to be able to sustain itself and its children to have the chance to thrive.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation launched this project in January 2020 by hosting a physical exhibition in its headquarter in Potsdam, Germany to showcase the artistic production of the kids and share their photographs.

As 2021 is kicking off, we are looking forward to go on the road this time, with an international exhibition allowing us to share those experiences and the power of creativity in times of crisis.