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The Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Middle East and North Africa works on three specific Regional programs. Learn about each of these below:
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MENA-NET is focused on supporting liberal networks in the MENA region. The program aims to propagate the liberal message and promote a value-driven agenda. MENA-NET provides an interactive platform for like-minded thinkers and political practitioners by enabling the development of a cross-regional liberal force.


MENA-EU is focused on the Middle East and North Africa - Europe relations. The program aims to address trans-regional challenges and enables opportunities for cooperation between both regions. MENA-EU seeks to establish spaces for liberal political experts and intellectuals to engage in problem-solving debates on emerging political, economic, and other emerging topics and issues.


MENA-GEOPOL is focused on the geopolitical shifts in the MENA region. The program aims to foster collaborative research, analysis, and debates on cross-regional economic, security, and political interactions and their implications on the geopolitical characteristics of the region. MENA-GEOPOL seeks to build a community of experts and forge institutional partnerships.