Naumann Theater for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Naumann Theatre

Amman, Jordan – On October 5th, 2023, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom MENA (FNF MENA) proudly announced a groundbreaking collaboration that brings the transformative power of theater to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. FNF MENA, in partnership with the "Ruff Performing Arts Troupe Association," is set to implement the Naumann Theater, a platform dedicated to producing plays that illuminate critical political and societal issues. This innovative initiative aims to harness the compelling potential of theater as a catalyst for engaging and inspiring youth in political participation.

In an unprecedented move, FNF MENA has joined forces with local partners and esteemed playwrights deeply connected to the intricate political and societal fabric of the MENA region. This alliance is founded on shared values and a common commitment to fostering positive change.

The driving force behind this endeavor is the belief in the power of theater and storytelling to drive awareness and ignite the political aspirations of young people across the MENA region. By blending artistic expression with substantive themes, the Naumann Theater creates a dynamic and captivating platform for youth engagement and empowerment.


Yasmeen Alnajdawi, project coordinator for FNF MENA, highlighted the urgency of addressing youth depression stemming from a belief in their inability to thrive in democratic societies. She explained, "Through theater, youth can address social and political issues that are important to them, raising awareness and encouraging others to question and participate in the political process. Whether it is through performances, workshops, or community projects, theater can effectively inspire and mobilize young people to take an active role in the political realm."

Ghalia Hatamleh, project coordinator for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Jordan, remarked, "Art is not merely a reflection of societal reality; it also serves as a creator of public sentiment and possesses the power to influence it."


This partnership between FNF MENA and the Ruff Performing Arts Troupe Association exemplifies their shared vision of harnessing art's transformative potential. Additionally, Ruff eagerly anticipates the innovative contributions that SceneTDC, within the realms of theater and drama, will undoubtedly make in the near future.



The Naumann Theater project is poised to become a powerful force for change, facilitating meaningful dialogue, fostering political engagement, and empowering the youth of the MENA region through the captivating medium of theater. Together, FNF MENA and Ruff Performing Arts Troupe Association are set to script a brighter future for the region.


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