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MENAPOL Questions

MENAPOL Questions

MENAPOL Questions is a video series under FNF MENA's MENAPOL Blog where our experts answer questions about recent events or changes in their countries.

MENAPOL Questions with Ulrich Wacker

In March 2021, Israel will hold early elections after parliament failed on 22nd of December 2020 to meet a deadline to pass the national budget. Israel will undergo new elections with Netanyahu facing public anger over the corona crisis and his engagement in corruption trials.

MENAPOL Questions Ulrich Wacker, Former Project Director of FNF Jerusalem.

  • Why did the Israeli Government collapse?
  • What are the repercussions of early elections on the Israeli democracy?
  • What is Netanyahu’s current position?
  • What is the popular perception on the Israeli-Arab Rapprochement?


MENAPOL Questions with Kristof Kleemann

On October 17, 2019, Lebanon witnessed one of the largest popular movements demanding structural and political change. Since then, Lebanon has been witnessing a political crisis accompanied by major economic challenges.

MENAPOL Questions Kristof Kleemann, Project Director of FNF Lebanon & Syria.

  • With Covid-19 and the Beirut Explosion, what is the situation like in Lebanon?
  • What are the solutions for the political deadlock on the internal level?
  • If the Lebanese succeed in forming a government, what would be the international community's role to prevent economic and political collapse?