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Liberal Forces Unify to Face Security Issues in the MENA Region


The Liberal Networks in the MENA Region call for implementing liberal solutions to address the escalating security issues in the region by expanding Al Hurriya Liberal Network (AHLN), as the top priority recommendation of the General Assembly of the Liberal Networks in the MENA Region (Hybrid), held on May 9-10 in Ma’in, Jordan, organized by the strategic partners: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Regional Office Middle East and North Africa (FNF), the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the Swedish International Liberal Center (SILC)
The invaluable recommendation has benefitted political parties and liberal NGOs to gather forces and unifying efforts to call for action. 

welve various liberal political parties and NGOs have participated actively in the General Assembly activities namely;  Liberal Democratic Party of Sudan (Sudan) represented by Mrs. Mayada Swar Aldahab (Online), Egyptian Liberal Forum (Egypt) represented by Mr. Mahmoud Elailaily &Mr. Ahmed Abdelfatah, Future Movement (Lebanon) represented by Mrs, Mirna Mneimneh &Mr. Georges Bkassini, Afek Tounes (Tunisia) represented by Mrs. Senda Gharbi &Mr. Mohsen Snoussi, Cahdi Party (Somalia) represented by Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Free Thought Forum (Jordan) represented by Mr. Hazim Zeitoun &Mrs. Dania Odeh , Rally for Mauritania of Mauritania(Mauritania)  represented by Mr.Ahmed Babana, The Congress Party (Egypt) represented by Mr. Ahmed Morsi (Online), Union Constitutionnelle (Morocco) represented by Mr. Jawad Chafil, Ahrar Syria, (Syria) represented by Mrs. Rafif Jouejati, Aja (Association jeunesse et avenir) (Morocco) represented by Dr. Yassine El Bahlouli (Online) and National Liberal Party (Lebanon) represented by Mr. Camille Chamoun &Mr. Joseph Daou.

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On the first day, each political party and NGO delegate presented their institutional visions and recommendations. Followed by an open discussion on the current situation and possible practical solutions. On the margin of the General Assembly, the executive committee of AHLN has held meetings with both strategic partners and the network members to consult on the development of the network in the region.  

On the second day, the executive committee retreated for strategic planning on the topic of Migration as a cause and result of regional security issues. The General Assembly will be followed by a series of activities to promote and implement liberal solutions presented by the findings of three policy papers. Finally, it is worth pointing out that AHLN will focus on campaigning liberal solutions to the regions’ various decision-making bodies with the support of the grassroots.