Idea, Innovation, and Impact

Re-Defining Politics in the MENA
Idea, Innovation, and Impact

Through the iValues Awards, we seek to transform values into actions and projects that will help improve politics and policy making in the MENA region.

We dissected politics into two main categories: politics as practice and politics as a theory. Through different formats, we created a space to discuss the impact of innovation on our day-to-day interaction with policies and politics and to explore the potential of new methodologies in shaping our behavior towards societal, historical and cultural trends.


Here’s How our Country Scouts and Citizen Jurors in Morocco & Algeria and Israel Define Political Innovation!


Salah-Eddine El Badaoui, Morocco & Algeria

The core of the MENA problems is political, and politics, as everyone knows, is about ideas and projects/programs that concern the homeland and the citizen. Today, we see stagnation in the political movement and a complete absence of solutions to problems. Our political situation is characterized by poverty and a clear lack of political creativity.

Political innovation requires much more than the mere expression of new ideas. It is also necessary to implement these ideas because new ideas turn into innovation when they are implemented, and this transformation of an idea into a creation is part of the creative process.

Political innovation requires much more than the mere expression of new ideas.

Salah eddine
Salah-Eddine El Badaoui

Arik Segal, Israel

Political innovation should find solutions to challenges that are created by political decisions. Since political decisions are sometimes based on electoral considerations, they might harm some groups, or individuals in society. Here comes the role and responsibility of entrepreneurs to find those issues and unmet needs and offer solutions.

Political innovation will usually face not only structural challenges, but also political and social objections by some, since it touches upon sensitive issues that stem in social identities.

Moreover, it will only be useful and effective if it will do so and not ignore the sensitivities involved. The highest level and most effective political innovations will address political and social processes directly and offer new paths and methods instead of existing ones. I do believe that political innovation is the most challenging type of innovation, since for it to work it must include the exact balance of politics, society, and economics, put together in a profitable and sustainable project.

Political innovation should find solutions to challenges that are created by political decisions.

Arik Segal
Arik Segal

About our iValues Country Scouts

Salah-Eddine El Badaoui
Salah-Eddine El Badaoui is a Business Consultant who has approximately 5 years of experience in supporting entrepreneurs to launch their new businesses. He has animated more than 100 workshops and training sessions with NGOs and start-ups providing them with the techniques and materials to help refine their entrepreneurial skills starting from initiation, ideation & design thinking, to prototyping and testing the project.
Arik Segal
Arik Segal is an international mediator, educator and trainer who specializes in the application of technology in conflict resolution processes. He works in cooperation with governmental agencies, international organizations and academic institutions in designing innovative projects, courses and seminars. Arik is a lecturer in Israeli academic institutions and a regular speaker in international conferences.