FNF Tunisia and Libya takes part in D66: Covering the climate in the Middle East


Last week, our colleague Hamdi Hached from FNF Tunisia and Libya participated in the D66: Covering the climate in the Middle East Conference in Amsterdam. The conference focused on climate politics, namely the climatic situation and climate diplomacies and advocacies in the MENA region.

Regarding the current climatic situation, the conference placed great emphasis on the different socio-economic challenges in the agricultural energy sector and natural resources management sector. In particular, a big topic of discussion was the region’s challenge with water scarcity and its implications for the future.

This led to the second part of the conference, which focused on the climate diplomacy and advocacy where Mr. Hached’s intervention was about climate transition. In particular, he discussed the Tunisian and Moroccan experience on energy transition and the adoption of effective measures to substitute conventional energies for alternative and renewable energies.

Outcomes of the conference were the various recommendations for a sustainable future, including a more dynamic economic model for the agricultural sector by adopting “Climate Smart Agriculture” practices. 

Together with more than 60 participants, including politicians, parliamentarians, climate change activists, and academicians, the conference provided a platform for exchange on climate-related challenges and their relevance to political and geopolitical topics, immigration, and instability.