Call for applications
Facilitator toolkit "Civic Education for Youth"

Call for applications

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom-MENA is embarking on a significant initiative aimed at advancing democratic values, human rights, and good governance throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In pursuit of this noble goal, the Foundation is seeking an accomplished consultant or service provider to meticulously develop a facilitator toolkit titled "Civic Education for Youth." This comprehensive curriculum will encompass a carefully selected array of six pivotal topics, values, and best practices, designed to empower the youth with the knowledge and skills necessary for active participation in their societies.

The Scope of Requested Services:

The consultant/service provider selected for this endeavor will be tasked with crafting an in-depth and engaging toolkit that covers the following six fundamental topics:

1. Introduction to Democracy: Comprehensive exploration of Civic Education, encompassing the foundational definitions of democracy, its inherent values, the sanctity of the rule of law,  prerequisites, and the most exemplary practices within this sphere. 

2. Human Rights: In-depth exploration encompassing definitions, the evolution of human rights declarations, categorical breakdowns, various approaches, tangible practices, methodologies, and the seamless integration of human rights perspectives across all aspects.
3. Good Governance: A profound definition of good governance, encapsulating its guiding principles,  operational practices, key pillars, evaluation of effectiveness versus inefficiency, and the multifaceted roles played by various stakeholders. 

4. Civil Society: A comprehensive dissection, incorporating a comprehensive definition, and classification of various types and entities constituting civil society, roles played, and its impact on the larger societal framework. 

5. Political Parties: A meticulous dissection encompassing core definitions, ideologies that underpin them, in-depth insights into programmatic aspects, crucial roles undertaken, organizational 
structures and internal dynamics, financial aspects including funding mechanisms, and the intricacies of campaign strategies.

6. Elections: Exhaustive delineation covering the core concept of elections, international best practices, requisites for a transparent electoral process, diversified electoral systems, and meticulously customized modules tailored to each of the six specific countries within the MENA region – addressing presidential, parliamentarian, and local council elections.


If interested to apply and for more information, take a look at the document below: