Euro-MENA Day for Freedom

Euro-MENA Show

The Euro-MENA Show was held on the 15th of July, 2020 in celebration of the Euro-MENA Day for Freedom. This product of the FNF MENA Regional Office, the FNF Mediterranean Dialogue Project in Madrid along with its partner Casa Árabe, the official Spanish institute for relations with the Arab world put together this day-long media event to not only accomplish objectives, but to celebrate the intertwined relationship between the MENA and Europe.

This television day aimed at

  • Promoting freedom across the European-Middle Eastern region
  • Encouraging European-Middle Eastern cultural and political collaboration
  • Discussing and finding solutions to peace threats in the MENA region
  • Promoting tourism in the MENA region

This high scale production included many round tables, intense political debates, but also much entertainment. A few of the mind-provoking discussions were a conference on migration and cooperation, a special edition episode of MENA on the Map with Barbara Slavin, Atlantic Council Director – Future of Iran Initiative, a conference on integrated security entitled “The Sahel Crisis – a Security Threat to the Mediterranean Region?” in addition to a tourism session on “The Future of Tourism in Time of Pandemics - Mediterranean Countries.”

As for the recreational section of the show, audience was more than pleased with the variety of segments and topics. The entertainment began with a “Womenpreneur Tour” documentary, continued with the renowned Lebanese Blogger Anthony Rahayel with a food show that displayed the connections between the European and Mediterranean cuisines. The fun kept going with an interactive Quiz Show with the audience and then an art exhibition: Sin límites. (De)construcción artística de las fronteras. A theater interlude by the Free Thought Theater that told the stories of migrations to Jordan and a cooking show and talk on Innovation and Startups - Business Ecosystems of EU-Israel were the cherry on top of the Euro-MENA show cake!




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