A Crisis for All – A Chance for Everyone

Changing Perspectives
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Under the threatening shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic, the nations of the world have set their wheels in motion to combat this crisis through different sectors.

The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of around 2 million individuals, and the world, particularly the MENA region has suffered immensely due to this crisis.

This is why the German campaign #CourageNow has given rise to the initiative “A Crisis for All – A Chance for Everyone”. This call for creative thinking was launched by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in the MENA region in order to ignite a process to shape a more sustainable environment and to change perspectives on several levels. The first level is the innovative solutions to the most immediate and urgent crisis affecting the globe, Covid-19, while the second and third are the political and economic levels.

Now more than ever is the time to inspire the technological transformation of traditional sectors, completely new markets could open and develop and transform traditional industries. Now more than ever is the time to encourage engaged individuals, to provide food for thought, to stimulate discussions and to promote proactive efforts on different initiatives.

The C4E report is only a brief overview that displays all the hard work and potential that is vested in the MENA region.

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