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Infodemia masiva invade sociedades de México y el mundo (Massive infodemic invades mexican and world-wide societies)

El Economista - “Speed and global reach of disinformation in this moment of the pandemic are unprecedented and their effects persist tenaciously. Some have warned about a “massive infodemic”, as well as the importance of Fake News damage control discussions.” Read More (Spanish).

Impacto de la de desinformación y las Fake News en la pandemia (Dissinformation and Fake News impact in times of pandemic)

Jocelyn Bates, communication coordinator for FNF Latinamerica, spoke about the impact of disinformation in the region.

Encuentro latinoamericano #LibreDeSer

Encuentro latinoamericano #Libredeser (Latinamerican encounter #Freetobe)

Between July 20 and 24, we organized the “Latinamerican encounter #Freetobe”. 21 women from politics, art, businesses, journalism, and civil society helped inspire young women to follow their steps. Besides the event, which you can watch on our youtube channel in  Spanish, we also have some articles and interviews that explain our panelists’ perspective on various regional issues. Read More (Spanish)

Políticos tienen que cambiar o habrá otro terremoto 

Excelsior - “‘Chile was going through an intense social crisis when coronavirus came in. Today, there are multiple challenges: eradicate the most harmful virus in the last hundred years and listen to social claims. To face this, political class has to change whitout falling into radicalism or populism’ says Luz Poblete, General Secretary of the Chilean political party Evolución Política (Evopoli). Read More (Spanish)

Monica Soto Icaza with Fernanda Tapia

Fernanda de Noche - Monica Soto Icaza talks in this interview about her participation in the encounter.