Green Hydrogen
Policy Paper : The case of green hydrogen in Morocco

Maintaining a competitive edge between domestic demands and international market pressures
Green Hydrogen

We are pleased to introduce our collaboration with the Policy Center of the New South: “The Case of Green Hydrogen in Morocco: Maintaining a Competitive Edge between Domestic Demands and International Market Pressures”.

This study explores how Morocco can successfully develop a green hydrogen market and at the same time contribute to the global energy transition.

Authors Rim Berahab and Afaf Zarkik show how Morocco’s bold strategies and investments in renewables can shape a promising future for green hydrogen. They chart a path to decipher the potential of this energy vector, while outlining the elements necessary for the emergence of a green hydrogen market in Morocco. By considering both the country’s internal energy needs and competitive pressures on the international stage, they aim to offer an analysis that can guide Morocco towards consolidating and amplifying its competitive advantage.

Morocco, by capitalizing on its pioneering role in the field of green hydrogen, can pave the way towards a more sustainable and prosperous energy future. Moreover, collaboration around Green Hydrogen can potentially constitute an important new chapter in Morocco-German relations.