Music for Social Change
Music For Freedom 2021

Music For Freedom 2021
© Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash 

Have you ever heard a song and fall deep into it? Or have you ever heard a song that turned your worst day into your best?

Music can be a medium to express your feelings, express your thought about your environment, society and your country, when words are not enough, when voice is being silenced, Music can help! Music can express Love, Peace, Racism, Discrimination, Inequality, Politics, and many more.

In this pandemic and along with incident that are happening around the world starting from racism in America towards Asian – American, democracy that has been taken away from the people of Myanmar, and many events that has been happening around the world. Music can help to support, to give strength in this difficult time.

Music For Freedom spotlights the importance of people’s participation in governance, and also finds meaning in freedom in everyday life. It’s a stage to convey hopes and a call to action, that in spite any crises “freedom is what lies on the other side of fear,” and we all have a responsibility to shape our own future. It’s about striking a chord and generating emotions of positivity, to restart and embrace new opportunities and become the best of ourselves. The contest creates harmony, a common tune to always defend freedom.

So what does Freedom mean to you? What do you want to tell to your country and the world through your song and lyrics?

The Contest is open to any languages and dialect


  1. 21 June 2021/Monday – Open calls
  2. 08 August 2021/Sunday at 00.00 AM (Midnight) – Closing of submission entries
  3. 11 August 2021/Wednesday – Announcement 3 Top Song
  4. 12 August 2021/Thursday – Introduction Session from FNF Malaysia
  5. 27 August 2021/Friday – Online performance  


General requirements:

  1. Male/Female
  2. Age (18-45 years old)
  3. Malaysian citizens
  4. Identity Card No.
  5. Reside in Malaysia

Specific Requirement:

  • The song must be original, which means you write the lyrics. If you are a songwriter, and you don’t sing, you can ask someone to sing your song.
  • Kindly submit us the lyrics (in word format) in English and the language you use in the song. 
  • Kindly send us video when you sing the song, doesn't have to be in full length, doesn't have to be a proper video, we just want to see you sing live

There will be a contribution for the production cost, 4.300 Ringgit


Top Song performers do not have to surrender their copyright to the song.
FNF will be granted full permission to use the song for other purposes in the future, including, but not limited to:

  • A compilation album of all the Top Songs to the contest
  • As a soundtrack for videos or other multimedia production
  • As background music during FNF events

The submission is closed!

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