The General Election (GE) Lab: PN BEST


The General Election (GE) Lab: PN BEST workshop is an interactive training program designed to prepare candidates and their election teams for upcoming elections. The objective of the workshop is to review past election results and draft a coalition's direction and strategy, encapsulated by the slogan PN BEST.

The workshop aims to equip candidates and their teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to win elections. This includes understanding voter behavior and preferences, developing effective campaign messages and strategies, and leveraging technology to reach and engage voters.

Through a combination of talks, discussion, and practical exercises, the GE Lab: PN BEST workshop offers participants a comprehensive learning experience. The workshop also provides opportunities for networking and collaboration with other candidates and election teams, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.

The review of past election results helps participants identify the strengths and weaknesses of previous campaigns, which informs the development of more effective strategies for future elections. The drafting of a coalition's direction and strategy, represented by the slogan PN BEST, helps to establish a clear vision and message for the campaign.

Overall, the General Election (GE) Lab: PN BEST workshop is an essential training program for candidates and their election teams, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to win elections and effectively represent their constituents.

*Written by Ivan Kong, GERAKAN Youth Spokesperson for Penang and Perikatan Nasional Gen Young Leader for Penang