Election Management, Campaign, Strategy and Tools

A two-day fun filled learning on Election Management, Campaign, Strategy and Tools. Having insights in the eight management in election and injected main core topic with strategy for the first phase. The second phase core is about campaign in election. Along the seminar participants explore various tools that been used in elections. As elections is all about managing various segment and not only about votes. Well known by all that main core business of political party is election, participants are expose with electioneering. 

“There are no shortcuts or tricks in an effort to win hearts of voters. The time available at this time until Election Day must be filled with careful planning…...”

Election Management, Campaign, Strategy and Tools
Teoh Kong Seng

Hi, my name is Teoh Kong Seng, Alvin an alumnus of IAF and a member of People Justice Party, Malaysia. On the 25th and 26th July 2020 I replicated the seminar title Election Campaigning: Strategy and Tools. 35 participants attend the two-day Seminar held at Best Western i-city Hotel, Shah Alam.

The goal of the seminar was to separate the strategy as the main core in election management to give a better understanding of the strategy and tactics. 80% of the participants that attend to this seminar are young party members that will hold the fort in coming general election.  The objective of this seminar is to give them the knowledge and understanding of the two main focus elements in election that are not widely being taught here, the Strategy and Campaign Strategy in elections.

Bringing participants, the table of planning strategy so to get them seriously looking into the goals, objective and discuss about the tactics. As Strategy must not be too complicated, that cannot be scale, tangible nor measurable and too rigid. Making a study of various party to get idea of effectiveness in strategy. The continuity of strategy that could be used and implementation on the field is expose to the participants by giving exercise on the coming by election. Participants also look into the flow of election to know where strategy is to be implemented.  

As we are going into digitalization, system is indeed being shown to them in this seminar. Exposing participants in data to strategy on how to make full use in digital era. Two days is short but making them to keep exploring, the participants continue to learn through their learning partner. Participants have brief talk about “The friends of learning and enemy of learning” beforehand to prepare for this seminar. Various exercise using paper, post-its, flip-chart and mentimeter is used in the seminar to kept them excited on the topics.

For all this to happen thanks to Vera Putri, FNF and FNF(Malaysia) for giving this huge opportunity for me. Thank you also to Azlina Adnan and Sangetha Jayakumar for all their help. Gearing up for the second phase in August 2020.