Young Liberals Visit to Beirut
Young Liberals Visit to Beirut

Julis office

We hosted from September 13 to September 17 a delegation from JULIS (Young Liberals of Germany), LHG (Liberal Student’s Group), and Jungfreisinnige (Young Liberals of Swtizerland) to Beirut, Lebanon.  

The delegation experienced three days in Beirut full of intense visits and varied activities. The first day consisted of a series of meetings. The first was with the Samir Kassir Foundation, where we had an enlightening discussion on the state of freedom of speech in Lebanon as well as fighting misinformation and disinformation. Subsequently, we visited Transparency International, where we discussed the fight against corruption and their advocacy towards more transparency in governmental processes. In the afternoon, we met with Student Life Department at Saint Joseph University, providing insights into the political work at universities. The meeting elaborated on student life and the various ways students can become politically involved in their environment. Concluding the study sessions, there was a meeting with Firas Hamdan, a young member of the Lebanese Parliament, and part of the change parliamentary block. He offered an overview of state politics as well as deep and interesting insights into the work of a parliamentarian.

On the second day, the delegation visited the headquarters of the Future Movement and its youth organization, Future Youth. The conversations dealt with the use of social media as a campaign method and the recruitment of new members, as well as an in depth workshop on campaigning for student elections.

On the last day, we visited The National Bloc. The talks covered various topics, including the organization and structure of the various councils in the party, as well as discussions about recruiting members. Additionally, the delegation visited Khat Amar, a party formed following the revolution in 2019 in Beirut. They have a member of Parliament and advocate for political change and the creation of a better future for youth.

In a series of multifaceted conversations and meetings, the delegation gained intensive insights into the political and social landscape of Lebanon. They also discussed concrete challenges and solutions to youth related topics. Each delegate could contribute to the depth of the discussions with their respective expertise, enriching both sides. A heartfelt thank you to the delegation of young liberals and the various organizations for this rewarding time and the lasting impressions we were able to gather.