Walid Dimachkieh

Customer Relationship Manager at Bank Audi
Walid Dimachkieh

I received my Master’s Degree in Business from the Université Saint-Joseph (USJ) in Beirut, Lebanon in 2012 and shortly thereafter began working at Bank Audi. Currently I am the Customer Relationship Manager at one of their main branches.

I have been active in civil society since my last year of high school where I was a member of the Future Movement March 14 bloc and participated in various demonstrations. In university, I climbed the ranks at the movement. First, I was the student affairs coordinator in my faculty, then of the university, after which I was appointed the Students Affairs Coordinator in Beirut. After I graduated, I reached the position of Beirut Youth Coordinator, before being appointed the General Coordinator of the Beirut District.

I strive to continue contributing to the political and civil achievements of Future Movement, particularly in Beirut. Being involved in the political party, it gives me a lot of pride seeing more people engaging in the cause.

My IAF experience can be described in one word: outstanding. It added to my personality and allowed me to experience integration with people from outside of Lebanon. In addition, it also developed my leadership skills through proper educational means.