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The Vicious Cycle of Corruption

The Vicious Cycle of Corruption - by Isabel Henzler Carrascal

The fifth issue of the series addresses the systemic corruption in Lebanon. With a worldwide rank of 149 out of 180 countries and a regression of 11 ranks to the previous year, Lebanon’s results in Corruption Perception Index 2020 are an indicator for the widespread corruption in the country. In addition, the dire socio-economic circumstances, the COVID19 pandemic and the Beirut Port Explosion on August 4th 2020 have left the Lebanese population more vulnerable to risks and forms of corruption. While it is undeniable that the 2019 protests reflected an awakening of citizens to the importance of combatting corruption and demanding accountability, little progress was achieved on the ground. This paper will explore the reasons for the systemic corruption in the country and try to propose some solutions.