Social Innovation Summer School
Social Innovation Summer School


In collaboration with ShababLab and Riyada for social innovation, we hosted this year’s summer school entitled "The Future of Political Advocacy: How Ai is Changing the Game". A program that aimed to introduce youth to the concept of social innovation in politics and advocacy in the digital era.

Through a dynamic blend of technology and innovation, we empowered a diverse group of young minds to reimagine political advocacy in the digital age.

Over the course of a 4 days training, participants delved into the realms of social innovation, artificial intelligence, detecting fake news and advocacy strategies. We had speakers who were expert in their respective fields and from respected institutions such as Daraj Media, SMEX, and Beirut AI. We also gave the participants the opportunity to meet with activists from different countries like Ukraine and Hong Kong who shared their stories and experiences.

They collaborated as teams, brainstormed, and created visionary campaigns aimed at addressing pressing political challenges in Lebanon.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and technology, participants gained the necessary tools to develop socially innovative campaigns that bring positive change to their country.