The Way out of the Economic Crisis
Reviving Lebanon’s Economy: Four Sectors in Focus

Landmark Conference on Reviving Lebanon's Economy

In partnership with The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Lebanon hosted a pivotal conference titled "Reviving Lebanon’s Economy: Four Sectors in Focus" at the Gefinor Rotana Hotel in Beirut, with simultaneous online participation. This event marked a significant step towards addressing the profound challenges faced by Lebanon's economy, particularly in the Knowledge Economy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Agriculture sectors.


The conference, held on November 28, 2023, was a culmination of over a year of multi-sectoral research by the LCPS team and leading experts. It featured the unveiling of four insightful policy briefs that delved into Lebanon's economic crisis, covering essential sectors and offering a roadmap to resilience and reform.

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Event Highlights:

* In-depth Discussions: The event gathered experts, policymakers, private sector representatives, economists, academics and civil society representatives to engage in timely discussions based on research and recommendations aimed at driving Lebanon towards economic recovery.


* Sectors of Focus: The conference spotlighted four key sectors – the Knowledge Economy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Agriculture – each representing a pillar crucial for Lebanon's economic revival.


* Policy Briefs Presentation: The event featured the presentation of four insightful policy briefs developed by the LCPS team and experts. These briefs are crucial in understanding and addressing the nuances of Lebanon’s economic crisis.

Check the difference briefs through the following links;


* Expert Panels: Renowned speakers and moderators provided their insights and expertise, enhancing the dialogue and offering tangible solutions.


The conference successfully initiated a meaningful dialogue and offered practical recommendations to address the economic crisis. It sought to pave the way for recovery and resilience in Lebanon’s troubled economy. The event has set the stage for ongoing collaboration and action among stakeholders to implement the strategies and insights shared. Participants and organizers expressed a strong commitment to continue these efforts, with a focus on advocating the strategies discussed during the conference.