Nour Alwan : Space Manager and Community Curator at The Submarine Co-working Space

Nour Alwan

I am Nour Alwan, I studied both Business-Marketing and Education, as I always believed that culture is shaped and nurtured since childhood.  I have always been a people's person. I helped in kick-starting The Submarine Coworking space, 3 years ago. I am responsible for curating, nurturing and growing the community. 

With the help of our partners such as FNF, we organize events to promote collaboration and support the Lebanese startup community. 

My motivation is "humans". I believe we are a creature filled with positive energy. When given the chance, tools and structure we will collaborate and innovate to overcome all challenges and obstacles. The proactive human nature and the impact we create every day is what drives me.

My participation to IAF was a unique experience; meeting people from all over the world was the highlight of the trip. I identified with every one of them no matter how different is our culture.

Following my participation, I started a new initiative to face the new Coronavirus and we gathered more than 100 volunteers (Students and professionals)  to create and maintain respiratory machines in Lebanon. I am using the methods we learned at IAF and started implementing them.