Nawal Mdallaly

Member of Political Bureau and Head of Environment Committee at Future Movement
Nawal Mdallay

I am Nawal Mdallaly , Member of political Bureau and  Head of environment committee at future movement , holding a BS in Biology , Being a social activist in Bekaa,  I joined Future movement  in 2005 as a coordinator of Future  women in Bekaa, in a time women were not used  to participate in political issues, we made a difference in the life of women in  Bekaa , women started speaking in politics participating in social and political 2006 I  established an NGO ( Sawa for Development ) we are working on Human rights and Environment. My motivation to join politics was to be an efficient member in social and political life and help women in villages to be strong, and work to eliminate all discriminations against them especially violence against women and help them to participate in political life, because I believe in gender equality and human rights and women must be beside men in social and political life.

I joined IAF in 2016 in a seminar" communication strategy and media skills" to reinforce my knowledge in Advocacy and campaigns in political life. The experience at IAF was really amazing, I learnt how to deal with elections campaigns and for a cause, I met wonderful people from different country and qualified trainers,   during the workshop we created a Whatsapp group called "Gummersbach Family" for all participants in the seminar we still communicate till now. IAF is a place to improve our skills and acquire leadership and capacity to continue in political life. The Academy is highly classified to create leaders in politics. I used the skills I learnt from the seminar in general conference of future movement during my campaign at the political bureau elections.