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Model Youth Parliament 2021

Model Youth Parliament Visual

Model Youth Parliament 2021

MYP was back in July for the 5th edition in partnership with Universite Saint Joseph (USJ)! 100 students gathered at the medical science campus and embraced the roles of Lebanese members of parliament for 3 consecutive days. During that time they learned the democratic process of legislation which includes, debating, negotiation, making allies and compromises.
The students from different backgrounds were all able to have their special input into the simulation to make it a success. Initiating students to this kind of programs is crucially important regarding the political crisis Lebanon is going through, it is our duty to spread political awareness and reach as much youth as possible with democratic education.

Model Youth Parliament Voting Session.

Model Youth Parliament Visual Closing Ceremony Voting session.

Project Director FNF Lebanon and Syria Kristof Kleemann closing ceremony speech.

Project Director FNF Lebanon Kristof Kleemann