Meet and Greet

meet and greet

On February 28 2024, we hosted a Meet and Greet at our office in Beirut. The event was moderated by our Project Manager May El Masri. We welcomed our new project director Aret Demirci through a vibrant interview, where we learned more about Aret’s background and some of his personal fun facts, setting a tone of anticipation and enthusiasm for what lay ahead. Aret’s heartfelt welcome of our partners and friends resonated amongst the attendees, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and empowerment in achieving our collective goals.


We transitioned into a discussion about our valued partners and the role of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) in the development of their projects. Through engaging presentations and insightful discussions, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the collaborative efforts and the need of feedback to drive our mission forward.


A focal point of the Meet and Greet was the exploration of Party-CSO engagement in Lebanon. The dynamic panel discussion hosted the experts Mr. Ibrahim Jouhari, a data driven electoral and migration expert, and a longstanding partner of the foundation, and Mrs. Joana Hammour who is the deputy director of Nahnoo, a youth led research and advocacy platform for participatory policymaking, working towards an inclusive society in Lebanon. We talked about how current internal power struggles, external influences, and the weakened state institutions contribute to the complexity of the situation, leaving civil society with the critical task of navigating this challenging landscape and pushing for transformative change.

The event concluded with a vibrant networking break and reception, providing attendees with an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas. The energy in the room was palpable as new connections were forged and existing relationships were strengthened.