May Tabbal

General Coordinator of the Women Sector at Future Movement

My name is May Tabbal, I’m a Lebanese woman, principle of a public secondary school and the the General Coordinator of the Women Sector at Future Movement.

Since my adolescent years, my love and loyalty to my beloved country Lebanon, has pushed me to always defend its freedom and independence through several social activities. Therefore, I joined the Future Movement which mission and vision coincide with my faith in Lebanon.

Moreover, since the topic of equality between men and women is interesting to me, I am involved in protecting women’s rights by encouraging them to participate more in political and civil matters.
In 2016, I attended a seminar entitled “Freedom of Movement: A liberal principle challenged” that was held at the International Academy for Leadership in Germany. 

I presented the impact of the presence of Syrian refugees in Lebanon on political, economic, and social levels. Through my humble experience in this seminar, I have encountered similar issues in other countries that widened my vision on this sensitive topic.

It was a unique fruitful experience that reinforced my beliefs in an individual’s freedom and liberty.