Marwa Abou Dayya

Partner and Consultant at Beyond Reform and Development

Marwa Abou Dayya is a partner and consultant at Beyond Reform and Development, a Lebanese consulting firm specializing in policy research, public management, capacity development, and partnership building. She studied and specialized in Public Administration and Public Reform, with a focus on working with public institutions to support their reform and development processes to ensure better responsiveness to citizens. Driven by the values of inclusiveness, participation, and innovation, Marwa aims to contribute to a change in Lebanon and aspires to see public institutions thrive as leading organizations throughout the country. Her participation in the International Academy for Leadership has widened her perspectives on the linkages between academia and practice. As a practitioner and a part time academic, her participation in the program allowed her to share insights, lessons learned, and good practices which she uses in class to engage her students. At her work, she also engages with individuals within institutions and their constituencies. For Marwa, this was a chance to look further into different educational and governing systems, and how these provide an enabling or disabling environment to democratic and liberal practices on campuses for students and in public institutions for public servants, employees, and the citizens.