Khaled El Deek

By FNF Lebanon
Khaled El Deek

My name is Khaled Al Deek, a Master’s in Business Administration, I have extensive experience in the field of training and management of development projects, a member of the Public Relations of the Future Movement, and a former member of Bureau of the Youth Sector - Manager of Training Department

I am always motivated to give my best... because that is what makes an impression… and by hard work we can make the difference

I had the opportunity to join the Academy in 2017, and I learned a lot from it, especially that the seminar was based on developing training skills, which helped me a lot in developing my methods and plans related to training. This wonderful participation contributed to my openness to new and effective ideas that led to raising the level of training I provide, and thus a better return for the participants.

I learned from my participation the German values, serious, commitment, respect for time, in addition to getting to know different cultures. The Academy brought me together with people from different countries and nationalities through which I formed friendships that continue to this day.

I have a lot of gratitude and appreciation to the Academy and its administrators. I thank FNF for the opportunity. They were very kind and generous.