Human Rights
Human Rights in Law Enforcement Institutions


On Human Rights Day 2023, and on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration  of Human Rights, LOUDER and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation took another step forward. We organized the Human Rights Initiative 75 to bring back the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to promote values like freedom, equality, and justice for everyone.  

The event took place on December 9 and included discussions for sharing ideas and experiences about human rights, peace, and security. There were two main parts of the event:, the first part was  about women's roles in peace and security, and The second part focused on how to make human  rights a standard part of law enforcement work.  


The dialogue event brought together a diverse and distinguished group of individuals from various sectors. This assemblage of participants played a pivotal role in enriching the dialogue and contributing to the depth and breadth of the discussions held during the event. The composition of the participants was as follows: Justice and Law Enforcement Representatives; Judges and Prosecutors, Ministry of Justice Representatives, Lebanese Army and Security Forces Officers. Legal and Academic Professionals; Lawyers, Women’s Rights Committee at the Bar Association, Professors from The Lebanese University and Civil Society Representatives.

The gathering of such a diverse group of participants not only facilitated a comprehensive and multifaceted dialogue but also underscored the collective commitment of various sectors in Lebanon towards advancing human rights in law enforcement and supporting the women, peace, and security agenda. This rich diversity of perspectives and expertise significantly contributed to the depth and effectiveness of the discussions, helping to chart a course for future actions and collaborations in these critical areas.