Hamed Saffour

Program Manager at Madani

I am the program manager at Madani, an organization that supports and develops the Syrian civil society. I also train at the Lebanese Center for Active Citizenship (LCAC) and coordinate projects for the Syrian Civil Coalition (SCC) in Lebanon. My research work is focused on the issues of Citizenship, Human Rights, and the Syrian Constitution. Driven by the goals of the Syrian civil society targeted at ending the war, fostering the values of citizenship and democracy, and achieving peace and recovery from the ongoing war, I strive to generate a change in the Syrian civil society to which I belong. Throughout my work, I try to spread the concepts of Freedom and Human Rights within my community, and to build relationships between the various groups by empowering the civil society as a change-making party in times of war and complex political agreements.

Through my participation at the International Academy for Leadership, I learned about the importance of the practical application of educational programs in a way that meets the current needs and developments in Germany, as well as those of the Arab countries through my colleagues. My participation also helped me understand the liberal values and their applications on the political, academic, and social levels. It was a great opportunity for me to understand the German legal structure and the liberal movement’s role in shaping it.