Empowering Lebanon's Future Leaders: The IDARA Project
Empowering Lebanon's Future Leaders: The IDARA Project


IDARA, a groundbreaking project aimed at promoting emerging Lebanese young leaders, was launched in June as a result of a collaboration with Localised Management Consulting. This pioneering endeavor was made possible through the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) Lebanon Office.

The first phase of IDARA, known as the "Activity Phase," commenced in June, providing participating university students with a comprehensive groundwork on leadership and civic engagement. The diverse range of topics covered during this phase, from political intelligence to team management skills, greatly enhanced the participants' capabilities. The training sessions were conducted by experienced experts and political figures.


In August, Phase 2 began, focusing on mentorship and targeted guidance. Participants were divided into five groups, each given the opportunity to learn from seasoned mentors. These mentorship groups were led by highly qualified professionals and personalities: Member of Parliament Waddah Sadek, Michel Helou, Secretary-General of the National Bloc, Ayman Mhanna - Executive Director at the Samir Kassir Foundation, Tania Tabet - responsible for administrative affairs at Project Watan, and Joelle Abou Farhat - co-founder of the NGO Fifty Fifty LB. Therefore, the third phase focused on enhancing presentation and public speaking skills. Students honed their proficiency in presenting and effective communication, which are highly valuable skills in the contemporary world.


The concluding phase of the IDARA project saw participants put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice. Students worked intensively on ideating projects aimed at supporting young liberal leaders in shaping Lebanon's future. On September 23, the eagerly anticipated final event took place, with students presenting their innovative project ideas. The outstanding winning project will receive support for the forthcoming phases of the IDARA project, further solidifying the commitment to promote and empower promising leaders in Lebanon.


FNF Beirut extends its heartfelt gratitude to all mentors, participants, and guest speakers for their invaluable contributions and dedication, which contribute to charting a promising future for Lebanon.