Elio Constantine

Auditor at Family-run Firm

My name is Elio Constantine, with a background in financial studies I work in auditing, accounting, taxation, and consultancy in our family run firm in Beirut. I love The Lebanon and I believe that we as a people owe our country so much, I never nag about any situation we are faced with, after all it is the result of our voting. The huge potential I see in my generation drives me to work day and night to leave at least a small positive impact that could provide a good night’s sleep, hoping that someday soon once we get rid of all terrorist groups operating in Lebanon we can build a truly free state. My experience with IAF was great, at 23 years of age in 2015 I attended a seminar about strategy, and boy do I still use it in everything I do, strategy planning is essential in our personal lives and with our families, in running our businesses, but most importantly in building our societies and driving nations to success. Before going to IAF I thought that the trainers will give us a fool proof formula to success, but what I realized is that success has no formula and strategy development and implementation is not a consistent product like a Shawarma sandwich from your favorite place, it is so diverse and so specific, the procedure may be standard but the ingredients are so different, from our beliefs and values to our capability to implement. Bottom line is, no matter what strategy you need to plan and execute, you must stay true to yourself.