Dr. Khouloud Al-Khatib : Lawyer, University associate professor at the faculty of Law and Political Science, President of LOUDER.

Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate and President of Louder

Dr. Khouloud AlKhatib

Tell us about your background: 

Education: PhD in International Law.

Work: Lawyer, University associate professor at the faculty of Law and Political Science, President of LOUDER.  I am a human rights defender, researcher and expert in human rights UN protective mechanisms In the MENA region, gender issues, Gender based violence (GBV), refugees and fair trials.

Involvement in society:

My Mission is to spread and advocate for the value of human rights culture and education in different countries. I worked in many countries with different policy makers and was involved in building the capacities for grassroots mainly women and youth, including minorities and vulnerable groups. I discovered that they may be the most vulnerable but have the most potential.

Your motivation or what drives you in life: 

Believing that if I am growing UP, I should not be growing OUT. It is not an option but rather an obligation to demand changes and look for the inspiring factors that motivate us. I was grown up with the main value that human dignity in life is essential and that everyone has the right to be treated equally. "This is a very powerful truth. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”..

How was your IAF experience overall.

It was an unforgettable experience of memories, knowledge and cultural diversity. I met people from different countries, with different backgrounds, however, they shared the same belief in freedom. The diverse range of topics that were covered in different seminars and dialogue sessions opened the gate for a plethora of ideas that ultimately helped me develop my thoughts. Personally, this experience was one of the most illuminating experiences of my life that has inspired me to uplift my career.

What impact or what changed for you before/after the program.

I came back from my program with a myriad of positive memories and new knowledge in my mind.  New horizons in my life happened after my return, when FNF endeavored to fully support the ideas I wanted to make them come true. The program paved the way for a career life change with the new opportunities that FNF made possible.

The IAF perfectly puts in practice what I aimed to do in my life’s mission.