Andre Abi Awad

CEO of Connecting Entrepreneurs and CEO and founder of Digital Smarter
Andre Abi Awad

They call me the Energy Guy, because you will always hear me asking people "How is your Energy?" and get the loud answer "Boomba".
I have been training since 2008 in 21 countries, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business, and develop their personal skills so they achieve more in their professional and personal journey.
Started Entreprenergy in 2014 to connect entrepreneurs to opportunities, this is the main source of energy for wantrepreneurs and struggling entrepreneurs to start and grow their business.
Beside traveling and training, I am the CEO of Digital Smarter, a digital marketing company specialized in customer acquisition since 2012, and I am launching Wineset, my own wine brand in December 2019.
Every person replying Boomba to "Kif el Taqa?" (How is Your Energy?) is a reason for me to keep the Energy and keep motivating people to achieve more, specially starting or growing their business.
Why? Because I was bankrupt twice, my close friends left the country for the lack of opportunities, and I see depressed people every day.
I wake up every morning to spread the energy and give the motivation for at least one person to keep the momentum and move forward.
One of the most empowering and eye opening experiences, because I had the chance to meet and interact with 22 leaders from 20 other countries. The workshops and side chats gave me a lot of information and I gained knowledge to come back to Lebanon with ideas, a large network of professionals, and many insights to take into consideration in my future endeavors and activities.
The most important lesson was how the liberal system works, how we can create policies to empower entrepreneurs and encourage open markets.