Yara Maria Khoury

Conference Translator and Communication Officer
yara maria

Tell us about your background (Education - work - involvement in society).

I’m a conference translator and communication officer with a particular focus on the political and geopolitical fields.
As a political activist, I fight for social equality and human rights hoping that our society will one day be equal. As a Lebanese youth, I took to the streets during the 2019 uprising and demanded a radical change in our patriarchal and corrupted political system, including the need for constitutional amendments and judicial independence, along with the adoption of secular values. I strongly believe we have the right to live in a developed and safe country.

Your motivation or what drives you in life?

Freedom. It is the ultimate value.

How was your visiting program experience overall?

The MYP visiting program was one of the best things I experienced as a political activist. The trip was indeed very enlightening. I was introduced to the German political system and got the chance to understand the country’s history and society through a very well-organized tour. The group and I were moving from one political/historical site to another and discovering all facts and stories behind them. We also discovered many beautiful and interesting parts of Berlin and greatly enjoyed the city as tourists.

What impact or what changed for you before/after the program?

Having participated in the Model Youth Parliament Program and understood Germany’s politics and history during the trip, I realized that the will of the people is the strongest factor in political and social change processes. One cannot be uninvolved in politics affecting their day-to-day life. It is only when the people unite that real change can happen. Today, all while enduring the political turmoil Lebanon has been witnessing for some time, I am more convinced than ever that we need to come together as one people in order to make the change we are longing for possible.