Lea Choueifaty

Project Manager FNF Lebanon and Syria

Short vita

I joined FNF Lebanon and Syria in August 2019, after completing my legal studies at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ). I earned a Bachelor degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Public Law with an emphasis on Human rights of refugees.

I sought balancing between academia and my civic involvement. Therefore, I joined the Lebanese Center for Mediation and Conciliation to become a certified mediator.  I was also volunteering in organizations advocating for Human Rights in Lebanon, reforms for the “kafala” system and women’s nationality rights. 

My academic background as well as my civic engagement come from my conviction in the close relationship between the rule of law and successful democratic processes. For that, I have always believed that the goals towards change and freedom coming from street activism need to be backed by a functional legislative system. 

My engagement with FNF Lebanon and Syria started with “Model Youth Parliament”, a project executed in partnership with USJ. It allowed me to experience the importance of small initiatives in engendering change and exposed me to the FNF world that I would like to explore even further.