Smart Cities
Klima arrives at the Biennale

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation's KLIMA project arrives at the Venice Biennale

The Biennale is an exhibition that focuses on art and architecture. Since its origins and its realization in Venice it has had a European vision by filling its exhibition pavilions with art exhibitions, where the best architects have been awarded and celebrated.

This year, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation's KLIMA Project arrives at the Biennale in the Planetary Frontlines virtual pavilion. This pavilion, curated by Pragma, brings together different artistic and architectural projects from Latin America with the aim of demonstrating that the region has the potential to generate the best practices to heal our planet through design.

At the Friedrich Naumann Foundation we promote the freedom of the smallest minority, the individual. It is only by guaranteeing freedom that people can unlock their potential and creativity. It is in this sense that they can cooperate to solve today's deepest crises. It is through the design of new practices that seek to solve social, economic and climatic challenges that greater individual freedom is exercised.

In this exhibition, the Klima project highlights the importance of smart cities as spaces where citizens and a network of people from different sectors discuss and share experiences for urban development, intelligence and design. The curation of Klima for this edition was in charge of Architect Saraí Dominguez and Urban Economist, Marco Martinez highlighting the urban, socioeconomic challenges, and considering the social, political and physical environments and their interaction with the planetary challenges.

Visit the Virtual Pavilion here and discover other projects in the region: