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ECOnectados, a multicultural project of young Latin Americans, is the winning team of #NaumannHack

The Naumann Hack: Rethinking the Relationship between Latin America and Europe
The Naumann Hack 1
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In the framework of the annual Reshape Europe conference, prominent young people from Latin America presented their proposals to transform the relationship between the European Union (EU) and Latin America. Through a regional hackathon, the Naumann Hack addressed key questions about the future of this relationship and the role of the EU in Latin America.

Of the three finalist teams, from among the 12 teams that participated and competed in the first online stage of the Theodor Heuss Bootcamp, the "ECOnectados" project won our Naumann Hack. The four-people team, consisting of four young people from Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia and Ecuador, will now represent the region at the next edition of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation's annual conference in Berlin on October 10, where all the winning teams from each of the Foundation's regional offices will share their ideas for stronger cooperation between the European Union and the rest of the countries.

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After the first digital stage held in April, the second phase of the Naumann Hack took place at the Universidad del CEMA (UCEMA) in Buenos Aires. The three finalist teams, with participants from Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Costa Rica, participated in face-to-face workshops and conferences addressing key topics such as digital transformation, trade agreements, corruption and climate change. International experts also presented talks on synergies in the energy sector in the face of climate change, anti-corruption cooperation and the fight against organized crime, and the future of trade agreements.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of projects by our thirteen finalists before a jury of international experts. After a rigorous process, the "ECOnectados" project, which proposes an approach to circular economy, waste management and climate change, was selected as the regional winner, as it resonates with the current challenges that the European Union faces as well.

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Meet the finalists and the winning team: ECOnectados

The project developed by Victoria Werner from Argentina, Alma García from Mexico, Gastón Zientarski from Bolivia and María Villacrés from Ecuador, focuses on connecting local governments with European companies and cooperation agencies to finance biogas generation plants in Latin America, using an innovative web platform. On October 10, they will have the opportunity to present their proposal in front of Foundation members and decision makers in Berlin. 

The other two finalist teams also presented creative and innovative projects. "Skill Sprout" proposed to unite Latin America and Europe through a platform that promotes training and employment in the information technology sector. On the other hand, "Transatlantis Project" proposed a solution to reduce unemployment and underemployment in Latin America through a human mobility agreement with the EU.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Hackathon demonstrates the value of cultural exchange and the importance of creating a space for young Latin Americans to share perspectives and opportunities in the relations between Latin America and Europe. We look forward to a new edition of this incredible activity in our region.

The Naumann Hack was born out of the need to offer a new perspective on relations between Latin America and Europe through proposals from young Latin Americans.

Siegfried Herzog
Siegfried Herzog, Regional Director Latin America FNF