Katharina Osthoff

Human Rights & EU Liaison Manager

Short vita

Katharina Osthoff joined FNF Europe in September 2023 as Human Rights & EU Liaison Manager. Prior to joining the foundation, Ms Osthoff worked as a Policy Advisor for Foreign Affairs at the European Parliament in Brussels and the German Bundestag in Berlin with a focus on Asia and China. During this time, she specialised in human rights issues, such as modern-day slavery, repression of ethnic minorities and freedom of expression, German and European foreign policy, as well as relations with the People's Republic of China. Prior to that, she worked in Berlin as a Research Associate on German and European security policy at the German Atlantic Association. Ms Osthoff holds an MA in International Relations (Security Studies) from Leiden University and a double-major BA in Political Science and Sociology from the Universities of Münster, Ghent and Heidelberg.