Friedrich Naumann and TEDx AlWeibdeh
The strategic partnership between Friedrich Naumann and TEDx AlWeibdeh


Our organization is among the pioneers in supporting important cultural and educational events in our community. This year, we had a unique opportunity to collaborate and partner with the massive and significant TEDx event in the city, known as TEDx AlWeibdeh. This event aims to encourage new and inspiring ideas in the Amman region and is the first TED event held outside universities in Jordan.

Our institution provided strong support for this event, and our Jordan Project Coordinator, Lawyer Ghalya Hatamleh, represented the organization and delivered the opening speech. Lawyer Ghalya Hatamleh provided a comprehensive introduction to our institution, its vision, and goals, and how we work to support ideas and projects that aim to change, improve, and empower individuals, and thus, change the world.

The TEDx event, held on June 23rd, hosted a remarkable group of speakers who shared their transformative journeys through different stages of life. The event was themed 'Stages,' referring to the stages that shaped the speakers' journeys. The lectures revealed the transformative changes experienced by the speakers and how these experiences shaped them into the individuals they are today. The talks covered diverse fields such as education, sports, visual creativity, social media content, the power of optimism, challenges of culture and traditions, and more, offering the audience new perspectives, valuable insights, and inspiring stories.

Thanks to our strategic partnership with TEDx AlWeibdeh, we were able to foster innovative and creative spirit within our local community. This event provided us with a platform for deep thinking and idea exchange among the attendees, fostering positive change and development in our society.

Our strategic partnership with this massive and significant event is an opportunity for us to contribute to promoting scientific and intellectual culture in our region, and nurturing an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit among the youth. We strongly believe in the transformative power of ideas and how they can positively impact people's lives and contribute to changing the world.

We are proud of our partnership in this remarkable event and look forward to more opportunities to promote new ideas and innovation in the future.