Dialogue Sessions
A Series of Dialogue Sessions in Al-Quweira, Dibbet Hanout, and Al- Humaymah


The PAVE - Policies against Violence Project held three focused dialogue sessions with the local community in Al-Qweira, Dabba Hanout, and Al-Humaymah in Aqaba, in collaboration with the Shabab Al-Ghad Center for Civil Society Development. The three sessions focused on discussing the concerns and challenges faced by participants regarding women's work and personal decisions, with a particular focus on gender-based violence in the workplace.

The participants highlighted the reasons that prevent women's economic participation, including weak economic power, social constraints, parental prevent women from participating in the economy, represented by weak economic power, societal restrictions, parental authority, and the lack of services such as safe transportation and nurseries. It is worth noting that only women participated in the Dibbet Hanout and Al-Humaymah regions, although invitations were sent to men.

The facilitator of the sessions was chosen from among the women who participated in the capacity-building training of civil society organizations. Accordingly, Mrs. Fatima Al-Qawadmeh used several dialogue methods to identify the challenges facing the participants, in order to reach social and economic recommendations with them.