"Scenes from Home"
"Scenes from Home" Second Showcase Event


On the occasion of World Refugee Day on June 20, our organization organized a special event represented by the refugee project coordinator, M. Lillian Haddad, which was held at Yarmouk University in cooperation with the Center for Refugees, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies. During this event, the short film "Scenes from Home" was screened, which is its second showing after the evening held last May to celebrate the launch of the film.

The short film focused on refugee issues and the challenges they face, and aims to raise awareness and understanding about this important global issue. The film had a positive impact on the audience, as it was able to shed light on the personal stories and daily challenges faced by refugees.

A discussion was organized after the screening of the film between the students and the attendees participating in the event. The discussion was an opportunity to exchange views and ideas about refugee issues and the challenges they face in their lives.
This event is part of a series of events aimed at showing the film in different governorates in the Kingdom. This series aims to raise awareness of the refugee issue and enhance understanding and solidarity with them.

The event that our organization held on the occasion of World Refugee Day is an opportunity to spread awareness and strengthen solidarity with refugees, for change, empowerment and progress in this important field.