PizzaTalk 2024
Pizza Talk 2024: Empowering Jordan's Youth Over Pizza and Dialogue


In a world where political discourse often excludes the voices of youth, Pizza Talk 2024 emerges as a beacon of change. Hosted in partnership with the Free Youth Foundation, this innovative event aims to empower young Jordanians by providing them with a platform to engage in meaningful dialogue over slices of pizza.

The concept of Pizza Talk draws inspiration from Jordan's tradition of political salons, where influential figures gather to discuss pressing issues facing the nation. However, unlike traditional salons, Pizza Talk places a strong emphasis on including young people in the conversation.

The youth of Jordan often find themselves marginalized in decision-making processes, with limited opportunities to voice their opinions on issues that directly affect them. Pizza Talk seeks to change that by creating a safe space for young people to exchange ideas, share experiences, and discuss their priorities for the future of the country.

Through a series of roundtable sessions, participants will tackle a wide range of social, economic, and political issues, all while enjoying delicious pizza. These sessions will not only provide valuable insights into the perspectives of Jordan's youth but also serve as a catalyst for positive change within society.

At the conclusion of Pizza Talk 2024, the Free Youth Foundation aims to develop a roadmap representing the recommendations and priorities of young people. This roadmap will be presented to decision-makers in an effort to advocate for policies that address the needs of Jordan's youth and promote their inclusion in the political process.

Pizza Talk 2024 is more than just a discussion over pizza—it's a movement to empower the next generation of leaders and change-makers in Jordan. Join us as we come together to shape the future of our nation, one slice at a time.