Core Group Meeting
The PAVE PAVE Team Held a Core Group Meeting in Aqaba Governorate


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, in cooperation with Shabab Al-Ghad Center for Civil Society Development, held a focus group meeting in Aqaba, with the participation of representatives from the Governorate Council, the Ministry of Social Development, and civil society organizations. The stakeholders discussed three main points: (1) the role of women and the percentage of their participation in the economic sector, (2) the problems and challenges facing employed women, and (3) proposals and recommendations to improve the conditions and opportunities for women to work in Aqaba Governorate.

The stakeholders who are representing the Aqaba Commission, the Ministry of Social Development, and civil society organizations described the participation of Jordanian women in the economic sector as weak, as the percentage of Jordanian women who own independent economic projects is negligible, and as is the case in the private sector, their participation is better than before, but it is not It is still weak, as the participation of women - of different nationalities - in the tourism sector does not exceed; It is the largest sector in the city of Aqaba, with a rate of 20%, while the percentage of its participation in the government sector is almost equal to that of men. The reason for this is due to the mechanism of job distribution and appointment; which depends on the role system in the Civil Service Bureau.