Meet Our Alumni: Deema Al-Bakri

I’m Deema Al Bakri, a 25-year-old clinical pharmacist. I am a proud human rights activist where I aim to rise with my society while promoting equality, freedom, and secularism. As a young person, I always felt the need and responsibility to advocate for other young people to take their chances in doing what they love to do. Young people are our society’s assets, where they can contribute their energy, time, and skills to help develop their communities. 

I attended the “Campaigning: Strategy and Tools” seminar at IAF Academy in Gummersbach, Germany, at the end of 2019. This seminar created a shared platform for participants from different areas around the globe to share their challenges, stories and ideas. This was an enriching and enlightening experience that had developed by skills in campaigning and advocating for what I believe in and had broadened my scope in terms of learning techniques. Through informal teaching, the trainers had created a positive and motivational atmosphere that helped us as participants take the best out of the trainings. I can truly say I went back home ready to change the world and pass my experience along to other youth to change theirs.