Hand in Hand, Forging the Future: A Celebration of 40 Years of Partnership

40 years article

Forty years ago, the seeds of a remarkable partnership were sown. On one hand, the young nation of Jordan stood poised for growth, brimming with aspirations and a thirst for progress. On the other, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) arrived, bringing with it a commitment to liberal democracy, individual liberty, and a collaborative approach to building a brighter future. This union, forged in 1984, has since blossomed into a 40-year journey of shared values, unwavering support, and a tapestry of achievements woven together.

FNF Jordan's journey began in 1984, coinciding with a young nation brimming with aspirations. The Foundation, guided by the ideals of liberal democracy and individual liberty, found fertile ground in Jordan's burgeoning landscape. From the outset, collaboration was key. Working with ministries, civil society organizations, and passionate individuals, FNF Jordan embarked on a mission to empower the Jordanian youth.

FNF's initial engagement in Jordan wasn't confined to its borders. In fact, the Amman Office initially served as a regional hub, coordinating projects across Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. This regional perspective instilled a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of challenges and opportunities within the broader Middle East context.

Recognizing the critical role Jordan played in the region's stability and its potential for democratic advancement, FNF made a strategic decision in 2016. The Amman Office transitioned to become the regional headquarters for FNF's Middle East and North Africa (MENA) operations. This move solidified Jordan's central position within FNF's regional strategy, allowing for a more focused and tailored approach to supporting the nation's specific needs and aspirations.

Furthermore, Decentralization, a cornerstone of FNF's vision, resonated deeply with Jordan's pursuit of inclusive governance. FNF projects across municipalities nurtured a spirit of citizen engagement, fostering local leadership and responsible democracy. This focus on civic education further blossomed, with countless Jordanians gaining crucial knowledge and skills to actively participate in the political process.

As Jordan navigated the complexities of the region, FNF Jordan stood by its side. The Foundation's unwavering support for a free market economy proved instrumental in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. Numerous startups and SMEs received critical assistance, propelling economic growth and creating employment opportunities. This commitment to economic empowerment continues to bear fruit, contributing to Jordan's present and future prosperity.

The partnership's impact extends beyond tangible structures and initiatives. FNF Jordan facilitated dialogue and fostered understanding, creating a platform for the exchange of ideas and perspectives. From open discussions on human rights and the rule of law to workshops on media freedom and political discourse, the Foundation facilitated crucial conversations that shaped Jordan's social fabric.

Looking ahead, the future unfolds with renewed promise. FNF Jordan, recognizing the evolving needs of a dynamic nation, adapts its focus to empower youth – the driving force of change. Fostering their political engagement, entrepreneurial spirit, and critical thinking skills, FNF Jordan invests in the future of Jordan's democracy and economy.

The 40-year partnership is not just a celebration of milestones achieved, but a testament to the enduring power of shared values and collaborative action. FNF Jordan and Jordan, standing side-by-side, have woven a narrative of progress, resilience, and hope. As they embark on the next chapter, their journey continues, guided by the unwavering pursuit of a brighter future for all.