FilmoCracy: Catalyzing Social Change Through Cinematic Exploration


Lights, camera, activism! Filmocracy transcends the traditional boundaries of a film festival—it represents a pioneering initiative aimed at harnessing the power of cinema to ignite social change among Jordan's youth. Developed in collaboration with the Free Youth Foundation, this project endeavors to delve into the intersection of art and activism through thoughtfully curated cinema sessions.

At the core of Filmocracy lie 10 dynamic cinema sessions, each meticulously curated to spotlight critical social, political, cultural, and economic themes. From thought-provoking documentaries to compelling narratives, these films serve as catalysts for meaningful discussions and introspection.

Jordan's youth will be invited to participate in these cinema sessions, providing them with a platform to explore a diverse array of societal issues. Through facilitated discussions and interactive activities, participants will analyze the films and share their insights, perspectives, and recommendations for driving positive change.

However, Filmocracy's impact extends beyond the screening room. Following each session, the Free Youth Foundation will capture and analyze the invaluable insights and priorities voiced by the youth. These insights will then inform the development of a comprehensive roadmap aimed at advancing Jordan's film industry.

This visionary roadmap will outline actionable components designed to nurture the growth and sustainability of Jordan's cinematic landscape. From empowering local filmmakers to advocating for policy reforms, Filmocracy endeavors to champion the aspirations of Jordan's youth and propel the evolution of the country's film industry.

Embark on a cinematic journey towards social change with Filmocracy. Together, let us harness the transformative power of cinema to sculpt a brighter future for Jordan and its people.