STEPNAU 23 Final Stage
Empowering Futures: STEPNAU 23 Drives Economic Inclusion in Jordan

stepnau hackathon

In a remarkable demonstration of community-driven initiatives, STEPNAU 23 recently concluded its transformative six-month program, leaving an enduring imprint on Jordan's economic landscape. Comprising three pivotal phases - STEP UP&AHEAD, STEP Together, and STEP Beyond - the program embraced an asset-based community development approach, laying the groundwork for a resilient local freelance and enterprise ecosystem.

Across four provinces in Jordan - Irbid, Mafraq, Ma’an, and Amman - STEPNAU 23 convened 80 participants, including refugees and Jordanian youth, with a notable representation of 65% women. This emphasis on gender inclusivity underscored the program's commitment to fostering equal opportunities for all participants, aligning closely with its overarching mission.

At its core, STEPNAU 23 offered an intensive 100-hour digital economy technical skills course, equipping participants with essential tools and knowledge to thrive in today's dynamic economic landscape. This curriculum was complemented by 16 onsite workshops and 4 business trips, providing a comprehensive learning experience that bridged the gap between theory and practical application.

The impact of STEPNAU 23 was palpable from the outset, with participants in the initial phase, STEP UP&AHEAD, experiencing tangible benefits. Through vocational training, they began generating monthly incomes ranging from 75 to 1000 JOD, demonstrating the program's immediate efficacy in creating economic opportunities at the grassroots level.

As the program progressed into its final phase, STEPNAU Beyond, the culmination was nothing short of inspiring. The Hackathon witnessed 20 participants realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations, establishing their own businesses and laying the groundwork for sustainable economic growth within their communities.

Beyond mere statistics, STEPNAU 23 encapsulated the resilience, determination, and potential of refugees and Jordanian youth. By fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration, the program not only empowered individuals but also catalyzed a broader movement towards economic inclusion and prosperity.

In celebrating the success of STEPNAU 23, it is imperative to reaffirm our commitment to supporting initiatives that empower communities, unlock potential, and pave the way for a brighter future for all. Together, we can continue to forge a more inclusive and resilient society, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.